Caries Posing Suits is a sole proprietorship established in

Over the years we have built a reputation for quality and
customer service by our dedication in offering high style
at reasonable prices.

We have been privileged to work with numerous
competitors over the years and our reputation is
well-established in the competitive body-building and
posing market.

We invite you to browse our broad selection of suits to
find just the right look for you, or call us so we can work
together to create a unique suit for you.

"I don't do sketches of crystal design work.
I am a designer who has creativity
and imagination of style. Therefore, I can not send or
show you my ideas or what I will create  on these suits.
We will talk, you can send me pics of what you like  
through e-mail and will go by that, to make your design
come to life .  I don't follow the rules of design. I do
free-hand crystal Swarovski rhinestone work on my suits.
I will  always welcome ideas
on unique crystal embellishment designs on your suit."

Thank you!  
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Caries Competition Figure & Bikini Posing Suits
Hi Carie I don't know if you remember
me but I buy a Bikini in your boutique a
few weeks ago!

I want to thank you because the bikini
was so beautyful and I win my
competition I win 3 categories and also
the overall! Here I send you a few
pictures with your bikini! I'm planning to
go to your boutique again an buy
another one or maybe two or three
jaja! See you soon!