Sizes: 1-12 (see fitting chart for
corresponding bra sizes)
Colors: Beige only
Material: Polyurethane foam, polyester
fabric cover
Shape: Oval
Nipple: No nipple  
Details: Puncture proof foam
Fabric cover with “security tab”
Great for swimming, exercising, sleeping
Symmetrical to fit either side of the body
Contoured back profile fits smoothly against
chest wall
Easy to fit shape
Hand washable
Cloth carrying case
1-year manufacturer's warranty
Stock item
Made in U.S.A.
#320 FREESTYLE® Athletic
Modified Oval
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FREESTYLE® Athletic forms are designed
for swimming, spas and hot tubs, or other
athletic activity.  
The FREESTYLE® Modified Oval is a
specialized shape for women looking for
the perfect breast form under their bathing
suit or sports bra.    This ‘semi’ or ‘modified’
oval is wider across the middle, has a
shorter wing, and is tapered along the
sides of the back for a smooth transition to
the body.  It can be turned in several
directions for best fit and offers fullness
across the chest without adding fullness
under the arm or higher up on the chest
This Modified Oval shape has been created
for women who have had more
conservative surgeries where more tissue
remains, and it works well in halter or tank
type swim suits.
Because the silicone is clear, it doesn’t
show through bathing suits and is harder to
spot in the pool if it comes out of your
swimsuit. The silicone formulation is softer
than most athletic forms, but the
polyurethane skin is strong and durable.   
Athletic forms are safe in the pool or in salt
This new FREESTYLE® Modified Oval Form
is available in 10 sizes.
price $99.99
Unique fitting bra with built-in lightweight foam breasts can be
worn anytime with a variety of outer garments. Soft foam forms
mimic the draping shape of women’s natural breasts and are
shaped like the TRANSFORM NATURAL LOOK® Silicone Breast
Forms with a lower nipple apex and wider, fuller base.#32
Easy-to-fit oval shape can be turned sideways or vertically for the
best fit.  Soft, lightweight symmetrical foam forms fill out any bra.  
Great for those who have never worn silicone forms or for when
shaping is needed but not the weight.  Works well in strapless or
halter dresses #45
.price $175.00
This beautiful, feminine bra has been designed to fit and accentuate the
TRANSFORM® Breast Forms. Sheer outer fabric allows the forms to be seen
through the outer cup. Lightweight inner pockets help hold breast forms in
place for added security. Wide satiny elastic straps and a wide-cut band
under the arms offer great support for the weight of the breast forms. Molded
stretch cups can accommodate several breast form sizes; eg. 40C bra fits
size 6, 7, or 8 breast form.

The most comfortable way to wear a breast form is inside a pocket bra. A
pocket bra's cups have two layers, and the breast form is worn in between.
price $39.99 style #66
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