ProTan Competition Color
Suntan Brown Formula
8.5 fl. oz.
Price: $29.99
Bikini Bite roll on
No Slip Suit Fastener
3 fl. oz.
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ProTan Competition Muscle Juice
Product Highlights
•Allows you skin to breathe
•Superior to Pam and Baby Oil
•Preferred by Judges
•Rich in moisturizers
•Enhances skins natural glow
Competition Posing Oil
PRICE 14.99

Ingredients: DL water, propylene
glycol, FD&C yellow 5 (CI 19140),
FD&C red 4 (CI 14700), D&C red 33
(CI 17200), FD&C blue 1 (CI 42090),
dihydroxyacetone, diazolidinyl urea
Recommended Use: SHAKE WELL
BEFORE USE. Use the attached
applicator mitt or an HVLP sprayer.
Using a small amount, rub onto clean,
dry skin, one body part at a time. Allow
color to dry before direct with clothes
or water. Re-apply for a deeper color
waiting approximately 1-2 hours before
reapplication. TO AIRBRUSH, pour 3-4
ounces of color into airbrush cup.
Spray from the top of your body down
in a horizontal direction. Be sure to
cover all areas. Dry body with air from
the HVLP airbrush gun to speed the
process. For deepest results apply
directly over PRO TAN® Instant
Competition Color. To seal in color and
provide the perfect glisten apply
your physique before stepping on
stage. Wash off after use with soap
and water.

Warning: For external use only. Avoid
contact with eyes. Discontinue use if
irritation occurs. This product does not
contain a sunscreen and does not
protect against sunburn. Repeated
exposure of unprotected skin while
tanning may increase the risk of skin
aging, skin cancer and other harmful
effects to the skin even if you do not
ProTan Competition Color
Suntan Brown Formula
8.5 fl. oz.
Price: $29.99
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tattoo's, stretch marks and blemishes.
Takes only a few minutes the morning
of your competition!

See amazing results below on Pro
Physique Champion, Miguel Aguilar.

Matches Jan Tana Hi-Definition and
Ultra 1 Color.
Tattoo Cover Cream
price $34.99