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Divine Collection Transgender Panties
Gaff With Vagina Insert
6597 style number
Built-in silicone vagina creates the
ultimate in feminine appearance
Sexy sheer mesh panty design
Smoothing gaff design helps keep you
looking flat and smooth
Soft silicone and smoothing fabrics
create a gorgeous feminine look
without uncomfortable string ties or
Hand crafted by the same artists who
create Aphrodite
The sexy lace gaff design helps create
a flatter front
Wide front panel helps smooth your
front and minimize the appearance of
your buldge
Thicker crotch cavity gives you greater
security to help keep your tuck in place
Sexy black mesh design can be
matched with many types of lingerie
Classic thong gaff shape won't leave
panty lines under tight skirts, dresses,
or jeans
The built-in silicone vagina looks and
feels so real
High quality silicone warms to your
body and feels like skin
Moulded gently and curves around
your tuck while hleping to smooth your
Can be removed from the panty to be
washed separately, as needed
The pocket keeps your vagina in place
while creating the ultimate feminine
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